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New Mexico State University - Carlsbad

Fall 2002: Astronomy 110g Introduction to Astronomy. A survey of the universe, which includes observations, theories, and the methods of modern astronomy. Topics include the history of astronomy, gravity, light, planets, stars and stellar evolution, galaxies, and cosmology. Lab consists mostly of observation through a Celestron NexStar 11 GPS telescope.

Continuing Education:

May 15, 2001 to February 2003
NMSU-C, Title V Project Coordinator


Directly responsible to the Director, Title V. Responsibilities include: 

  • Coordinating the training of faculty individually and in groups in computer-based components related to Learning Enhancement Technologies; assist faculty and staff advisors and other staff in designing, developing, and testing technology that supports the Learning Enhancement Technologies and supports elements in the Student Outreach Component

  • Cooperate with the Computer Information Systems staff in the design, installation, and testing of all new activity, equipment, and systems

  • Serve as a technical resource and facilitator for activity staff and college staff involved in activity implementation; will create and maintain website

  • Evaluate/identify and obtain price quotes for computer hardware and equipment for Title V purchases

  • Train instructors/staff in the use of LCD carts and other computer systems/software as appropriate

  • Create and publish a newsletter

  • Perform interconnection, troubleshooting, and minor maintenance/repair of equipment such as computers, LCD carts, TCNCR's overheads, etc.

  • Other related duties as assigned. 

June 1998 to March 2001
NMSU-C, Library Assistant

  • Created and maintained Library website. Published website and updates as necessary. Incorporated NMSU-C website themes and strategies. Coordinated uploading website to the NMSU-C server with Computer Systems personnel. Assisted other NMSU-C groups in establishing their websites. Provided access for the Disabled to the Library website by creating and maintaining a parallel, all-text website. Evaluated WWW information/database websites as suitable for instructor/staff/student referral and provided linking within Library website.

  • Trained faculty and staff in the use of learning-enhancement technologies: LCD Carts, computer systems and software, projection and sound systems. Evaluated/identified computer hardware (scanners, digital cameras, etc) and stereo equipment for Library purchase. Obtained quotes. 

  • Created and published Library newsletter (Media Mania) using MS Publisher. Identified Internet news-worth items. 

  • Taught students use of online database search resources (FirstSearch, Proquest, etc.), inhouse CD-ROMís (National Geographic, US Presidents, Vietnam, etc.) and provided Information Literacy Certificates. 

  • Trained Student Work Studies in Library operation and procedures. Analyzed and solved software/hardware problems on 4 staff and 5 student computers in the Library. 

  • Performed interconnection, troubleshooting and minor maintenance/repair of Library equipment: LCD Carts, TV/VCRs and Overheads. 

  • Humanities Department Film Series. Using MS Publisher, created posters for the Western film series. Under the direction of Dr. Doug Dinwiddie, organized the NMSU-C Sci-Fi and Hitchcock Film Series. Selected movies, created posters and incorporated events into the Library website. Wrote and provided the Current-Argus with the NMSU-C press releases and coordinated information with Darin Fenger of the Current-Argus. Select hosts for each film and provide projection facilities. Personally hosted nine films.

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